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Inspiring generations to learn from the natural world.

  • Consider what happens when one person …
  • Experiences the wonders of nature in an unexpected, awe- inspiring setting
  • Understands the delicate balance between human life and other life forms
  • Realizes the earth’s resources must be conserved, sustained and restored
  • Learns about the importance of individual decision-making, then acts with a new world perspective
  • Decides to be a part of a collective response to global threats

Changing the world is necessary.

Population growth. Pollution. Global warming. Deforestation. Species decline. The need for new energy sources to drive global growth is real. And so is the need for conservation of our diminishing land, water and biological resources. Many demanding issues confront us as earth’s current residents. What can we do? What will we do? Earthpark will bring together the best minds, including scientists, educators, government and corporate leaders to help bring new solutions to our planet’s pressing needs.

Changing the world could take root here.

Inspiration isn’t bound geographically. And movements often gain critical mass and traction in unexpected places. Consider Selma, Alabama’s role in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Earthpark could become such a place. At once, a national center for promoting science and ecological literacy, and a global center for inspiring individuals, organizations and even nations to take individual and collective action.

Changing the world by uniting it.

Creating a globally recognized place where various forms of renewable energy are emerging, education is valued and standardized, and the political process finds its traditional starting gate in America; and you’ve discovered Earthpark’s coordinates. Earthpark is bringing together a virtual international network of communications and collaborative partners with national and worldwide learning initiatives underway. Earthpark intends to serve as a place that unites and brings together and builds upon mutual interests and solutions for our world.

Saving tomorrow.

Starting today, each of us can do our part. All of our choices have consequences, be they positive or negative. Earthpark is a place that can teach us how to make positive choices. Restoring our world is going to require collective action at every level of society, government, corporate, family and individuals. Earthpark is a place that intends to do just that… for our families and future generations. For life itself on this planet.

Please join us on this epic journey!