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founder's message

Founder, Ted Townsend

"Inspiring Generations to learn from the Natural World"

Earthpark is where people learn how to live in harmony with nature, enlightened by science, and guided by the truth. It’s a living laboratory to immerse the teacher and student in the facts of nature, preparing our children for the world of their time. Through close integration with our education hierarchy and infrastructure, teachers, corporations, communities and individuals will learn how to survive and prosper in our tenuous 21st century. The knowledge it will generate and disseminate is crucial and needed almost desperately.

Our globe is about to hold half again as many people as today, and our impact on the ecosystems sustaining us is enormous, yet not well understood, and quite capable of producing short-term, catastrophic change. The disruptions and turmoil resulting will be earthshaking and only those prepared will have a chance to survive. Indeed, our current trend is clearly unsustainable. Long before a child born today retires, human civilization on planet Earth will be a different place. As individuals, we will have learned the lessons of restorative living and peaceful co-existence, or we will not exist.

Earthpark will immerse the teacher, student, and citizen in the symbiotic truth of living things. From examples of life sciences, diversity, mutual reliance, and change, they will learn to understand how much we share and the importance in how we differ. Over time, Earthpark will contribute mightily to our nation’s educational expertise, inspiring students of all kinds to pursue the sciences, engineering, and ecologically knowledgeable behavior. It will disseminate learning through memorable, personable experiences derived from the beauty and facts of nature.

The attractive power in this idea is strong enough to generate financial self-sustainability. Yes, the full range of earned income opportunities should cover annual operating expenses. Moreover, the ten-year economic impact statewide has been conservatively estimated by experts at more than $1.4 billion. This combination of scientific integrity, educational reach, and economic viability is rare and powerful; it allows greater vision and long-term thinking, while enriching the learning experience for thousands in highly entertaining, memorable ways.

Our board, staff, collaborators and contributors have come together in a shared vision and mutual belief in the mission, justification and promise of Earthpark. We ask for your help. Please learn more.

Ted Townsend