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  (PDF 11-21-07)

The Eden Project

There is a successful, comparable project to Earthpark; it is called Eden Project in Cornwall, England. In October 1998 the Eden team turned the first dirt in a sterile, empty moonscape of a china clay quarry that became the Eden Project opening in 2000. Check out their remarkable story about taking on the challenge of building one of the most ambitious green projects in the world and the success it is today.

if you believe there should be a place...

  • That celebrates life and puts champagne in the veins
  • Is all about education but doesn't feel like school
  • To hold conversations that might just go somewhere
  • Where research isn't white coats in secret but shared exploration to help us all
  • That is a sanctuary for all who think the future too precious to leave to the few - because it belongs to us all


  • 500,000 visitors – final year of construction prior to opening
  • 1.8 million visitors in year 1, sustained 1.6 million/year
  • One of Britain’s top 10 paid attractions
  • Popular concert venue
  • G8 in summer of ’05

The Eden Project:

  • An international visitor destination
  • An extraordinary education facility
  • A new foundation for the future
  • Owned by the Eden Trust

Information on this page supplied by Eden Project which is owned by Eden Trust
Visit The Eden Project's website.