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fact sheet

Earthpark™ will provide an unparalled opportunity for experiencing and learning about the intricacies and wonders of nature. Earthpark will inspire generations to learn from the natural world by using various natural environments, including an indoor rain forest with an integrated aquarium, and bridging to exterior exhibits of indigenous ecosystems.

A place such as Earthpark is critical for new environmental ideas and information to come together and demonstrate how life works on earth and how we can lead sustainable lifestyles in harmony with nature. Through utilization of “green design” and environmentally focused systems, the project will be an ecological inspiration and architectural icon.

Earthpark will be within a day’s drive of some 37 million Americans, with annual visitation predicted by industry experts of one million. We will celebrate the diversity of life and lifelong learning at Earthpark, please join us.


  • Tropical rain forest
  • One million gallon aquarium
  • Large format and mixed media theatre
  • Interactive galleries on the indigenous Iowa prairie, geology and food production for the world
  • Outdoor trails
  • Recreated wetland and tall grass Iowa prairie


  • All visitors will be supported as learners
  • Planned inquiry programs for students and adults
  • National outreach programs in Science Literacy and Science Education
  • A national resource for environmental science

resource conservation

  • Designed to capture 10-20 million gallons of annual onsite precipitation
  • Energy-efficient three-layer foil roof exterior
  • Energy savings through conservation, alternative/renewable sources and sustainability

economic development

  • 500 construction jobs over 2 ½ years
  • 300 permanent jobs with ripple effect of 2,500 jobs in eastern Iowa
  • Projected one million visitors annually
  • Economic impact $187 million annually -- over $2 billion a decade